Bow-Wow Chow Wows Them in New York!

From “Walking the Dog” a NY-based blog:

In New York City, the food truck movement is an ever-growing phenomenon. We have hundreds of different food trucks roaming the streets at any given time and even festivals to celebrate this unique method of food shopping and eating. Though we may throw our dogs a scrap or two from these trucks, there really isn’t anything specifically for them. In Austin, Texas, however, this has changed.
According to, Lara Enzor was inspired last fall to create a food truck for dogs after noticing a ton of them for people. She then created the Bow-Wow Chow mobile treat truck just for Austin, Texas pooches. She lets them come right up to the window to receive treats which come in flavors like peanut butter and banana. The treats are all natural and locally made and Enzor limits the packaging the products come in to lessen her environmental impact.

Enzor’s truck was formerly one for making and serving snow cones, which made it pretty easy to convert for her purposes. She hired a company called Full Moon Design to help her revamp the look, which is inspired by Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine.

We think this is such a great idea, don’t you? In New York City, this would likely be received well so we’ll keep an eye on Enzor and see if she has plans to expand.


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