Help Us Officially Welcome Brandi to the Bow Wow Family!!

B&KtruckBrandi Mangum is the newest member of the Bow Wow Bones Team!  She and her husband, Kirk, dreamed of coming back to Austin after being away for several years and Brandi really wanted to open a food truck for dogs in the Austin area.  When she discovered that Lara had already captured her idea in Bow Wow Bones, Brandi e-mailed her and learned that Lara actually needed someone to come and run the truck full-time.  Brandi and Kirk immediately agreed that this was the opportunity that they had been searching for and moved to Austin to take responsibility for the only doggie food truck in town!

Brandi describes herself as a people person and believes that there is no better way to get to know someone than to ask them about their pets.  She is also passionate about the dog rescue movement and is excited for the opportunity to advocate for better conditions for animals and to help fundraise for the many important animal causes that Austin houses.

Brandi and Kirk have three wonderful pups themselves–Raider, Oaklynn and Rain.  Raider is an English Bulldog and is the oldest and wisest of the three dogs.  Kirk and Brandi rescued Oaklynn from a shelter in Dallas and she is the sweet, submissive one in the pack.  Rain is the newest addition to the family and was a “foster failure”.  They decided to foster him when they found out he was about to be put down and once he was in their home, Kirk and Brandi could not imagine life without him.

Be sure to come meet Brandi yourself this weekend at one of the many events we will be attending!



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